Is there a need for regulation—self or government?

Although the practices of message targeting are not new, the increasing sophistication of data analysis and the shift from broadcast to personalized media channels may make these practices more effective. While campaigns are embracing the ability to tailor their voter contacts, there is a concern that this might be harmful to the electoral process. In recent months, there have been suggestions of everything from modifying the Federal Election Commission regulations, to making online advertising visible to everyone and requiring parties to make their voter files transparent, to requiring data providers to disclose the security of their data. Panelists will address broad questions pertaining to the value of industry or government regulation to oversee emerging forms of political advertising.


Lillie Coney  (Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center) (click for bio)

Matt Lira (Deputy Executive Director, National Republican Senatorial Committee) (click for bio@MattLira

Daniel Kreiss (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) (click for bio) @kreissdaniel

Mike Zaneis (Vice President, Interactive Advertising Bureau) (click for bio@mikezaneis

Moderator: Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Direct Marketing Association